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The Beretta px4 Storm: We Have a Winner!!

Why We Love Crimson Trace: The flawless design and effortless use of these grips may change the way you feel about lasers. (They certainly changed my opinion!)

Summer Concealed Carry Series Part 1- The Flashbang: Make room in your favorite frilly bra for this amazing new way to conceal!

The Sig Sauer P938- A Dream and a Nightmare: My relationship with the .380's big sister has been a love/hate mess. Here are some of the pros and cons of the P938.

When You Can't Carry- Alternative Products: Don't leave your piece of mind behind with your firearm when you can't carry. Here are a few of my favorite alternative products.

Summer Concealed Carry Series Part 2- The Pager Pal: This system may sound outdated, but it's a surprisingly innovative holster that adds virtually no bulk.