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Transfer fee: $15 Per Firearm
We WAIVE our transfer fee when you spend $20 or more in-store (per gun)
What is an FFL and why do I need one?
A Federal Firearms Licensee is an individual or business who has met requirements by the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) to sell, ship and accept shipments of firearms. Many people turn to an FFL for assistance when a gun they wish to buy is states away, or not being sold in their local gun shop.

An unlicensed person cannot buy a firearm online and have it shipped to their door. A face to face meeting with a licensed firearms dealer, along with proper determination that the buyer is legally able to buy a gun, is required by law. That’s where an FFL comes in!

How does this work?
Let’s say you live in Texas, but found a gun in Utah that you want to buy. You would contact the seller, pay for the firearm and find an FFL that lives within a comfortable driving distance to you (like us!) The seller would then contact his or her local FFL to ship the gun to us. Behind the scenes, there is some chatter between FFLs to exchange license information, which usually takes a day or so.

Once we receive your new gun, we would contact you to let you know it’s ready for pickup and you would fill out the same paperwork required when you purchase a firearm in a gun shop. You would also pay the FFL for their time- usually between $20-40. The whole meeting takes about 10 minutes if you have a CHL, a little longer if not. And you’re done! You’re now the proud owner of the gun you’ve been waiting for!

(By the way, the process would be the same if you have a gun to sell to an out of state buyer, or if you live outside of Texas and wanted to purchase a firearm from our store.)

Is it safe?
Many people are skeptical about the FFL process. To some, buying a gun over the internet seems unsafe. However, this is a tried and true process that is older than many of the large chain firearms stores. To receive a federal firearms license, an applicant must first go through an extensive FBI background check, months of waiting, and a lengthy interview with the ATF. This means both the FBI and ATF do everything in their power to ensure that each FFL is safe, clean, and competent. Buying online with the assistance of a federal firearms licensee is just as safe (and often much less expensive) than buying in a large chain store.

Why is it cheaper?
Because we don’t have to keep the lights running in a large shop, pay hundreds of employees’ salaries, or buy every gun we offer in large quantities to get a good price. Since we don’t have to pass these expenses down to the customer, you get a much better deal!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s work together to get you that gun you've been dreaming of! Email us for more information.

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